Guided Meditation:

I am looking for people to try out my new experimental (beta) guided meditation. To get value out of this meditation, you need to have an understanding of the current version of the three-agent model.

The major difference between this current version and older versions of the model is that the current version fully combines Attention Schema Theory (AST) with the three-agent model. AST is a theory that provides a model of awareness that was formulated by neuroscientist Michael Graziano of Princeton University.

You get very interesting results when you apply AST to each of the three individual agents — you obtain three different kinds of awareness models for external perceptions and three different kinds of self-awareness models!

There are several ways to get an understanding of the combination of AST with the three-agent model:

  1. You could watch the most recent 43-minute video of my presentation at Mensa (click the image below).
  2. You could watch the 7 short videos that are equivalent to that 43-minute video: (See Part 1 through 7 listed below).
  3. If you are familiar with any previous version of the three-agent model, you could just watch the short Part 5 & Part 6 videos that explain AST.
  4. You could read the PDF (see below) of the annotated PowerPoint slides used in the 43-minute video.
  5. If you are familiar with any previous version of the three-agent model, you could just read pages 38 through 59 of the PDF of the annotated PowerPoint slides to learn about AST.

If you would like to try the meditation, please email me ( and tell me which of these methods you have used to become familiar with the current three-agent model and I will send the meditation to you.

The 43-minute video:

The 7 short videos that are equivalent to the 43-minute video:

Use the following link to view or download the PDF of the PowerPoint slides that I presented at the 43-minute Mensa talk. I have made a few improvements and clarifications by editing some of these slides. I’ve also added additional annotation in blue text on most of the slides to include some of the important ideas that I verbally presented about those slides. Note that pages 38 through 59 cover Parts 5 & 6 of the video which will explain the integration with AST:

The reason I am doing this complicated procedure instead of just openly publishing the audio files is that I would like feedback! I will use the feedback to refine the guided meditation and make it better before I publish it widely. So, if you write to ask for the audio files, please be willing to eventually give me some feedback about the meditation, perhaps after you try it out a few times. The feedback can just be a general thumbs up or thumbs down about whether you like it or not; or you can give me detailed feedback about what worked or didn’t work for you and how I could improve it.

Write to if you want to try this beta guided meditation.