Spirituality Explained Writings:

The following PDF files are the contents of a poster presented at Stanford and the PowerPoint slides presented in the most recent videos. The PowerPoint slides have been annotated with “blue text” to include the ideas that were presented verbally during the presentation. These are the latest and most up-to-date versions of the three-agent model that explains spirituality:

  1. Stanford Neurosciences Institute Poster Nov 2017
  2. SF Mensa Presentation Nov 2017
  3. Science and Nonduality Conference Presentation Oct 2017
  4. Combined PDF of two talks in July 2017


Frank has written more than 1,000 answers on the question-and-answer website Quora.  Most of these answers are about physics, astrophysics, cosmology and particle physics. Some of the answers discuss various aspects of this model of consciousness and spirituality and they are listed on this page. Frank also curates a blog on Quora: Consciousness Science.

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Quora Answers

Here are some of Frank’s Quora answers that explain parts of the older two-agent model of consciousness and spirituality:

• Why is forgiving others difficult for many people? This answer was also published on the hHuffington Post.
• Is gratitude the door to expanded consciousness?
• Could you have two independent consciousness(es) if you split a brain in half?
• Is the nondual perspective real or just group-think based on abnormal mental experiences?
• What preceded language?
• If evolution is a fact, why are we so starkly superior to even the most intelligent animal (language,  self-awareness, culture, time awareness, etc.)?
• Why can we (consciously) follow only one train of thought at a time? What is the physiology behind it?
• Is human brain single-core or multi-core?
• What impact would an AI have on our society?
• What separates man from beast?
• How would you describe your inner speech?

Consciousness Science Blog:

On the Consciousness Science Blog, Frank has added two recent posts that start to go into more detail about the three agent model:

More installments along these lines will be added to the blog.

Another blog post helps show that we only live in our representation and model of the world, (i.e., we don’t live in the real world since colors do not exist in the real world):

There are about 95 total posts on the Consciousness Science Blog; most of these posts were answers by other Quora members that I posted to the blog.

Here are some other blog posts that may be particularly interesting and relevant to Spirituality Explained. For example,

Kevin has also written two blog posts about Julian Jaynes who wrote The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, which was an early inspiration for the two-agent model.

The following list some other interesting and relevant answers or questions written by other Quora users:

If you have any comments, please let Frank know through the Contact page, or leave a comment on the answers or the blog posts on Quora. Frank will get a notification and can reply there.

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